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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Catch up with Pinayjade

Can you spot the Singapore Marlin?

I am trying to catch up with everything these days and it is time to catch up with Pinayjade. Jade is Pinay at Heart! I am sure you like to check out Jade's travel plans and wishes. Jade is hoping to get paid and travel at the same time. That is awesome and maybe Jade's dream can come true some day.

Life of a Filipina Blogger living in Singapore, how is expat wife a Filipina Blogger living in Singapore? I am sure you like to know more about Jade. I always want to know things to do in Singapore as I have not been there before.

I can tell you that the life in Singapore is 24 hours! You can still find things to do and food to eat even in wee hours. Jade if you are reading this, correct me if I am wrong. :)


  1. Hello Sherrie! Nice picture. Stop by and see who won the spring giveway.

  2. @Domestically, this pic belong to Jade :)