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Friday, May 29, 2009

My Pink Summer Blog Contest

I love contest and I almost miss out My Pink Summer Blog Contest, you can take part too.

**Start Copy Here**


My Pink Summer Blog Contest


1. Create a blog entry about the contest, once done come back to this post and leave a comment with the permalink of your blog entry and your email address.

2. Leave comments on any existing entries on My Pink Shoelace. The top 5 bloggers with the most number of legitimate comments (No Spamming Pls!!) starting April 25, 2009 to May 31, 2009 will win cute and pink prizes. Comments in this post are not counted. (Do check out previous and current entries.)

3. Subscribe to My Pink Shoelace via email. So when you guys leave the permalink of your blog entries bout the contest do include your email addresses. (I track them manually)

4. Visit My Pink Shoelace’s Circle of Friends and leave your footprints on their shoutbox. A comment or two on their blog posts is very much appreciated.

5. A list of valid participants will be listed below to keep you guys posted.

Contest Clarifications:

— I have included the code for the badge, so feel free to grab ‘em.

— it is open to everybody. I will be shipping the prizes to bloggers anywhere within or outside of the Philippines.

— the duration of the contest is from April 25, 2009 to May 31, 2009. By June 1, 2009 the top 5 bloggers will be announced and prizes will be shipped within the week.

— Happy Blogging!!!

MPS Cirle of Friends : Do visit them.

Doi of Doi Speaks

Weng of My Sonatas

Bena of Bena-yot |Fabulously Cheap and Chic

Michy of Days Under The Sun

Eds of Soloflight Ed

Lily of Pretty Firefly

Chocorico of Live Love Laugh and Fly

Rowena of My Restless Feet


1st Prize: My Pink Shoelace Teddy Bear
4,000 entrepoints courtesy of Doi Speaks
4,000 entrepoints courtesy of Soloflight Ed
One 125×125 ad for one month on Doi Speaks
Web Art by Chocorico of Live Love Laugh and Fly

2nd Prize: A wrist watch courtesy of Michy of Days Under The Sun
3,000 entrepoints from Bena: Fabulously Cheap and Chic!

3rd Prize: A pink Hello Kity USB Flash Drive 1GB
2,000 entrepoints from My Pink Shoelace

4th Prize: A My Pink Shoelace cellphone dangle and 1 Keychain from Singapore (Taking it from the souvenir box of my travel.)
1,000 entrepoints from Chocorico of Live Love Laugh and Fly
500 entrepoints courtesy of My Sonatas

5th Prize: 1 Keychain from Singapore, 1 keychain from Macau, from My Pink Shoelace (Taking it from the souvenir box of my travel.) and 1 keychain from Cambodia (courtesy of Doi Speaks, taking it from her souvenir box of her travel.)
500 entrepoints courtesy of My Restless Feet

Let's take part now!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Name That Mermaid Giveaway

This is a fun time for everyone to take part, I am taking part to Name That Mermaid Giveaway.

The prize will be the sparkly, gold-green, fiber sculpted mermaid shown above worth $95.

Giveaway has started and ends on 27 June, 2009.

To take part click on the link above!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Prizes did not match!

So I have won a contest not long ago, I am so happy to see I won as I strive hard to win it.

Second Prize:

  • 1 year paid Domain Name [.info]
  • 8 months paid Hosting Package
  • 60 GB Webspace
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    60 Add-On Domain
    100-FTP | 100-Mail | 100-Subdomain [updated]
    much MORE Add-ons!

    ABove is the Prize mentioned but I do not see the Fantastico at all at Pinkhost! I have bad experienced about winning domain and hosting. My first was having my which is until now I cannot get in touch with the personal which given me the Prize. This blog too is under PinkyHost.

    Don't think that taking part in contest is easy, the tough one will be claiming the Prize.

    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    Eden Fantasy Giveaway@Simply Stacie

    I am taking part in Eden Fantasy Giveaway@Simply Stacie,Eden Fantasys is giving away a Body Frosting Crate to one lucky reader of Simply Stacie. This tasty set is from Chocoholic Divine Desserts and contains five mini jars of chocolate body frosting (cherry, mocha, espresso, chocolate and raspberry) and a paintbrush to create one delicious night.

    Giveaway open to ALL, to take part just click on the link above!

    Giveaway ends on 31 May, 2009.

    Good luck!

    Saturday, May 2, 2009

    10K+ Entrecard Credits Giveaway

    I am sure you are waiting to know on how to take part in 10K+ Entrecard Credits Giveaway.


    Grand Prize (1): 6K EC
    1st Prize (1): 4K EC
    2nd Prize (3): 1K EC

    The current Prize Pool is 13K EC. I would like to think the following sponsors for adding to the Prize Pool. Please be sure to pay them a visit:

    Metallman’s Reverie - 2K EC
    The Path to the Pegasus Letter - 1K EC

    If you would like to sponsor the contest for 1K EC, please send me a message on EntreCard here.

    Now, to the important part. How do you earn entries into the raffle? It’s very simple. Here is what you can do in order to earn an entry:

    • Write a quality comment on any blog post at Nintendo Kingdom. This does not include “nice post” or “I agree” or anything of that nature. This blog is Do-Follow so every comment will earn you a backlink (1 Entry per comment).
    • Subscribe to the blog via the “Main Entries RSS” link on the side (2 Entries)
    • Digg a blog post (1 Entry for every Digg)
    • Write a blog post advertising this contest with a link to this blog post. You are welcome to directly copy any or all of this post. It must include the link to the sponsors (5 entries + 5 bonus entries if links are Do-Follow).
    • Write a blog post in response to any blog post here at Nintendo Kingdom. It must include a link back to the post here (5 entries).

    The contest will run for 3 weeks, from now until May 5th. For more info, just click on the link above.

    Friday, May 1, 2009

    Win a Fiber One Spa Break Basket

    This is a lovely giveaway where you stand the chance to win a Fiber One Spa Break Basket.

    Contest just started you still have time to win just click the link to take part.