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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Middle Of The Year GA by Izzah & Amira

I am taking part, tagging

Click banner to take part now. -2x Header -3x Header -1x Doodle

Zaralyla Shop -3x Doodles

Bags Aholic -2x TopUp RM5

Handmade by Zliah -1x TopUp RM10

ShawlToLove -1x Voucher RM5

Dazzling Lens -10x Voucher RM10

Pink Lemon Closet -2x Voucher 5%

Sweetie Pretty Lens -5x Voucher 10%

De Closette -5x Voucher 5%

S h i d a h Tupperware -5x Voucher 5%

Azy Collection -5x Voucher 10%

LoveBag LoveBag -1x Voucher RM30

N.N.R Online Shop -1x Cincin

D'Golden Apple -1x Bawal Rose, 1x Bawal Lily & 1x Bawal Printed

Dee's Closet Shop -1x Rantai

Momo Chan Collection -1x Cincin

CAAH Mini Shoppie -1x Selendang & 1x Cincin

Captivated Illusion -1x Handmade Brooch

WeSellAlmostAnythingBaby -1x Lens

La Dva -5x Mix Shawl

Tudung Lovely Strawberry Collection -3x Tudung

Fluffy Bunny Haus -2x CD'S

Arissa Felt Craft -1x Keychain Craft Name

Dyanuraz Collection -6x Tudung

Iris Raudhah Collection -1x Jam Tangan Kristal

HaiLady CuteStuff -1x Jam & 1x Tudung Bawal

Mustachic -2x Handmade Sea Catcher

Vintage Instinct -1x Bag & 1x Rantai

Miss Qi Closet -2x Navy Dress

Perfumes -2x Dubai Perfumes Worth RM50

Hotz Mumma -2x Brooch

ScarfSweetHoney -1x Shawl

Little Panda FeltCraft -1x Keychain Craft

Mizna Online Shop -2x Tudung Bawal & 2x Inner Bunga -3x Dress (Hijau, Merah & Hitam)

PinkUmmi -6x Apam Polka Dot

SweetyBeautyShoppe -1x Tudung Bawal

Blog StoryCikHoneyBee -3x Voucher RM5 pembelian DVD Korean *Updated: Hadiah ditukar.

Monday, May 21, 2012

50,000 Total Pageviews Giveaway@Sherry Rambling

I am so happy I won some giveaway recently, even though they are not many I love to have my very own giveaway. Find out how to take part in 50,000 Total Pageviews Giveaway at Sherry Rambling.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Keep track of the giveaway

I am keeping track of the giveaway I have taken part. One is important because it based on effort so I need to note down what I have done. There is advantage of having many blogs but disadvantage is losing tracks on them. I feel sad I lost some blogs and they are my best memory ever I never forget them. One of them is Sherryever I should have renew it but I didn't I thought I stopped blogging but I didn't it's my life and I love my work on the blog.